When you log in to any of SCRC’s systems, you will find yourself in your home directory. A bighome is separate storage from your home directory where you keep your data and larger files.

Your home directory (homedir)

  • SCRC home directories have a capacity of around 5-10GB.
  • Home directories are backed up every hour.
  • They are designed for storing small files like programs and scripts.
  • To find the full path to your home directory, type the command pwd.
    • For example, “/homedir/employees/X/yourHomedir.”
  • Check your home directory usage with the command quota -s.

Your bighome (bigdata)

  • If you need more space than what is provided in your home directory, email¬† for access to a bighome.
  • Bighome storage is accessed from your home directory by the symlink “bigdata”, i.e., cd bigdata.
  • Bighome storage is backed up nightly.
  • There is no formal quota limit, but researchers should contact SCRC if they need more than 1TB of storage.
  • Check your storage usage with the command du -sh.