The NYU Stern Center for Research Computing is committed to supporting and advancing the research endeavors of the NYU Stern community. Through their comprehensive services, they enable researchers to leverage computational resources effectively, accelerate discoveries, and drive innovation in their respective fields.

Here are some key services offered by the Center:

  • High-Performance Computing (HPC): The Center provides access to a moderately sized HPC cluster. Researchers can harness the computational power to perform complex simulations, data analysis, modeling, and other computationally intensive tasks; see Compute Services.
  • Data Acquisition, Storage, and Management: With the ever-increasing volume of research data, the Center offers robust data storage solutions. They provide secure and reliable storage options, including high-capacity shared file systems, network-attached storage (NAS), and backups, ensuring data integrity and accessibility; see Storage.
  • Datasets and Services: The Stern Center for Research Computing has access to a wide variety of datasets and syndicated data services; see Research Datasets.
  • Software and Application Support: The Center offers a range of software packages and tools necessary for diverse research areas. Their team assists researchers in selecting and optimizing software for their specific needs. They also provide training to enhance researchers’ proficiency in utilizing these tools effectively; see Research Software.
  • Cloud Computing: Recognizing the versatility and scalability of cloud computing, the Center offers access to cloud resources, enabling researchers to leverage on-demand computing power and storage; Cloud Computing.
  • Research Computing Consultation: The Center offers personalized support services to researchers, helping them identify the best computational approaches and resources for their projects. They assist in optimizing code and troubleshooting technical issues. The Center can help find qualified student assistants to support their research projects; see the FAQ.

Hardware Specifications

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are for GPU processing and computation.

  • tiffany
    • 766GB RAM
    • 96 CPU x 2.1 GHz
    • Intel Xeon Platinum 8160 @ 2.1 GHz
  • einstein
    • 1.5TB RAM
    • 96 CPU x 2.1 GHz
    • Intel Xeon Platinum 8160 @ 2.1 GHz
  • hawking
    • 768GB RAM
    • 56 CPU x 2.59 GHz
    • Intel Xeon Gold 6132 @ 2.59 GHz
  • nobel
    • 384GB RAM
    • 64 CPU x 2.59 GHz
    • Intel Xeon GPU E5-2697A v4 @ 2.59 GHz

Other Hardware

  • Switches
    • NetGear 10GB switches
    • High-speed intra- and inter-communication
  • Storage
    • NAS and SAN Storage devices totaling over 120TB of storage

Our Team

Razi Ahmad

Associate CIO, Security,
Infrastructure, and
Research Computing


Vishal Singh

Faculty Director


Robin Wurl

Manager of Research Computing

rw74@stern.nyu.edu | (212) 998-0814

  • Linux Research Software – slurm computing
  • Cloud Computing – virtual servers
  • Research Data – acquisition, storage, access services
  • Consulting Services

David Frederick

Manager of Research Databases and Windows Applications

research@stern.nyu.edu | (212) 998-0163

  • Research Data – acquisition, access services, WRDS
  • Windows Research Databases – access, availability, installation
  • Windows Research Software – installation, upgrades, licensing